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Hobby growth question

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A recent discussion with club members who model in various scales brought up the suggestion that G scale (1/29th etc) was the only growth segment of the hobby. Is this so? Any actual numbers? Based on....?

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A few dealers I have talked to in three states east of the Mississippi have said just the opposite. They claim that three rail O is the hot seller now. The LS stuff sits on the shelves for the most part.

On30 is supposedly fairly hot too.
Posted By lownote on 05/24/2008 6:55 AM
I'm 48, and there area whole bunch of guys on my street younger than me who love the layout. They bring their kids, and as the kids are leaving I hear "Dad, can we have a train like that?" Will they build one themselves? I doubt it. The start up costs are shockingly high for what amounts to toy trains. True, in the long run it's not an expensive hobby, but the initial cost is a shocker.

Very true, but price a ski boat, price a Harley, price a good camera, film and a home development lab, price a 1967 Porsche 912, price a full hunting set-up, price a set of golf clubs and country club membership, price....and if any of your neighbors have any of the above, there went the hobby budget.

Any hobby is expesnive. It is also the first thing to cut as the hobby money comes after the bills, tuition, savings, charity, etc...and if you have kids in the house...no price for free time (chior practice, cheerleading practice, dance practice....)/DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/blink.gif.
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