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High Temperature steam oil.

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I have just joined this forum. I have had a Garden Railway for a couple of years now, running LGB locos. I have just purchased the Accucraft "Edrig" live steam loco. The instruction manual states that when filling the lubricator, always use a high temperature steam oil. Does anyone know what type of oil this is and is there an equivalent oil that may be used for the same purpose? Thanks for any replies.
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Live steam is VERY popular in the UK. You should be able to find a local club very easily. CHeck the ads in the magazines over there, you should find LOTS of places to buy steam oil near you. G1MRA has a websiteyou could check out www.gaugeone.org Call justtheticket.tv at 01980 65291 Quite a few UK steamers on this web site, or check: http://www.gscalemad.co.uk
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