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Could someone pleae send me a link to download a VERY simple image rezizing link so I can shrink my images from 3MB to KB...I had a horendous puter crash and lost all my stuff I take for granted this being one of them.

I got one from here last time called Ifan..I think but when I google it I can seem to find it.

Please I could use any help I could get.



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The program you referenced I believe is called: IRFAN, so you can do a google search for it.

But there is another one called ImageResizerPowerToy from Microsoft that I think is better. It installs as an addon to the context menu that you get when you RIGHT-Click on an image file name. It then gives you a dialog that allows you to select a size and it creates a new file and adds the text (Small) to the end of the file name. Unfortunately, that name has to be edited to remove the parens and the space if you want to upload it to this forum as this forum won't allow those characters in the file name.
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