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Bachmann make a decent 2-6-0 with metal gears.

2-6-0 Industrial Mogul : Bachmann Trains Online Store!
I didn't see a chassis available as a spare, and I don't recommend the 2-4-2 version that preceded it. However, these locos are occasionally to be seen for $100-150. I know of one for sale at the moment.

The other Spectrum 2-6-0 is a much more complicated beast and will cost you a lot more.

The problem with all these ideas is that they will cost you a lot more than just replacing the whole set with a better one. Bachmann made gazillions of sets with the 4-6-0 in them, and some have similar freight cars. There are usually a dozen for sale on eBay at anything from $50 to $500.
Would you mind sending me the info on the Bachmann 2-6-0 Industrial that is for sale at the moment? Thanks.
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