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++ HELP - - Need parts for Berlyn K36

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Greetings and Happy New Year to all,

I recently obtained a Berlyn K-36 that is in rough shape. It needs help, BAD. I am looking for pretty much everything that is below the boiler. Include Frame and componoents, side rods, front and rear trucks, gear box, motor mount, & misc nuts and bolts. If anyone knows of a supplier/individual I can get parts from I would greatly appreicate the help.

And if by chance you have or know someone who has a similar ******* cased Berlyn K-36 that you may want to get off your hands I may be interested in purchasing it.

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would a B'mann K chassis work? Just a thought
Contact Roger Cutter - He may know where to get these parts.
Boy, that's a toughie! Berlyn hasn't made a new K-36 in years! Considering that each is a multi-thousand dollar brass locomotive I am surprised you found one that was trashed! Did you check with Berlyn Locomotive Works to see if they have anything left? If not, the closest you might get would be to go to Accucraft and try and mate some of their K-36 parts. Mik, the Bachmann K-27 would be too small for it to work.
Why would someone trash a brass model like that?
Unless it de-railed and rolled down a steep embankment or something.
Thanks for the suggestions.

I started disassembling the loco further. It appears most if not all of the parts I am going to need or rebuild are in and around the running gear. It looks like the previous owner was running the loco and somehow the side rods/valve gear got bound up.When everything stopped going around the torque of the motor bent, broke, and stripped alot of parts. The white metal gear case houseing snapped off where it attaches to the motor mount. That was a heart breaker when I found that damage. I was very afraid that the internal gears of the gear box may have been trashed. I disconnected some of the running gear side rods and ran the motor. It appears that the gear box it still good. That takes a load off.

As far as the detail stuff goes in around the loco all seems to be intact, just a little roughed up. I plan on weathering it so that would take care of the nicks and scratches.

I did build a aluminum gusset to wrap around the damaged gear box mount and reattach to the motor mount. Believe it or not I used a piece of heavy aluminum from a Andersen Window and attached it with Accucraft nuts and bolts.

I will soon be upgrading myself to first class. When I do so I will post some photos of what i am doing to repair the loco and upgrade it.
Jason I have been in contact with Roger and he is very helpful

Steve I am going to call my friends @ Accucraft to see about spare parts they may have.
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Call Greg at RGSRR Hobbies in Ridway Co at 970 626 3733. I bought both of my Berlyn's from him. He knows Theo Berlyn and
he might get the parts you need to fix yours. Hope this helps. BTW he has almost anything for 20.3 you may need.
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