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I have been building a "whimsical" railroad in my back yard to go along with I frozen drink I sell in the Tampa area and across the state. The name of the drink is Melonhead Melonade and the name of the railroad is "The Melonhead West Central and Southern" This is all for fun and I find the most exciting partr is actually building everything. I have 2 LGB locomotives and a few battery powered sets from New Bright and Scientific Toy. I use the trucks from the New Bright and put them on the Scientific Toy trains.
It makes them look less like toys. Building most everything in 1/24 scale (or at least trying). I am using stuff lying around to construct buildings, scenery, etc. We have 6 cats so we have lots of litter pails around. I use them to make buildings and other things. I will have pictures soon. The entire layout is a fictional place called Melonia" containing such things as "Lake Sandia", the town of "Sandia Grande", "Slush City", "Cassaba Canyon", "Cantaloupe County", and of course " the Melonhead Melonade facility where Melonhead Melonade is produced. On the south side of "Lake Sandia" there is the village of the "HoneyDewBe Tribe" The freight train passes through there but beware the "HoneyDewBes" crave honeydew melons and won't stop until they get some. Ok I hope this isn;t to silly but it is fun!
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