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How healthy is our hobby? (check the stuff that's healthy)

  • Locomotives

    Votes: 14 40.0%
  • Rolling stock

    Votes: 15 42.9%
  • Structures

    Votes: 9 25.7%
  • Track & Switches

    Votes: 11 31.4%
  • Electronics

    Votes: 20 57.1%
  • Manufacturing means

    Votes: 7 20.0%
  • Literature / info

    Votes: 12 34.3%
  • Community / communications

    Votes: 21 60.0%
  • Tools

    Votes: 16 45.7%
  • Materials

    Votes: 14 40.0%

Health of the Hobby

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What's your feelings about how our hobby is faring these days? Virile and vibrant? Or on the ropes? Just for fun, here's a poll, sliced into several subtopics.

It's a multiple choice poll, so click all the boxes you favor. And feel free to leave a comment.

(To give proper credit, this poll is inspired by the "golden era" thread that Zubi started).
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The only thing that is growing nicely is electronics, look at all the different control systems, all the new and improve sound cards, all the new DCC systems.

A bright light is Scott Polk, he seems to be determined, and I wish him luck. If he can unload all the "revenge" inventory from Sanda Kan, then I'm sure he will survive to sell the stuff that people are really wanting.

My NCE system never had an LGB loco it could not run either, although hitting the F0 button (I think it was f0) 7 times for F7 was a pain, but it worked.

My new Zimo system can do anything, although it takes some learning. The touchscreen for turnouts and the throttle synchronization when taking over a loco are pretty cool.

Not a great way to introduce yourself as a new member, a me too post on an extinct link...
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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