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I picked up a Keystone set for a crazy low bid on ebay which included 40 feet of track and Engine with tender and 4 other cars for 100 dollars.I recieved it yesterday the previous owner stated it had less the 2 hours of run time on the engine.I was suprised to see it really had no signs of wear on the wheels and the sound tender is way better than a stock bachmann. I ran it very slowly for 20 minutes without a load it runs but it squeeks very lightly and I would like to properly lube it. So if anyone has experience with this engine please let me know. I am always grateful for any tips so thank you ahead of time.My wife is not impressed she likes Diesels but I still like the old steam type engines they were the most advanced engines of their time and had a lot of style put into their design I have posted this in the model form got only one response from person telling me to go to tips page for bachmann these are of a different design I think its called a mogel 2 guide wheels in front and 2 in back not like a bachmann 10 wheeler ,I read georges tips pages on it and can lube one in my sleep now.
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