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I really like the idea of battery powering the K-Line/USA speeder.  My little guy looks great, but has never been a good runner.  I've added weight, kept the power pickups clean, and cleaned the rails before running it.  However to run smoothly needs almost full track power from the power pack, and then it runs too fast.  It's just not a great outdoor runner.  That's why battery power might be perfect for the little guy.

Just thinking out loud here, but would it be possible to use a slide switch (I'm guessing DPDT) to choose from either track power or battery power?

What is the minimum voltage needed to get the little speeder going and able to tackle minimal grades?  9-volts?

Would it even be possible to somehow build a rechargeable feature off of track power using a rechargeable 9 volt...sort of like how the USA woodside caboose works?

There's probably enough room to hide some components after taking out the back weight.  But it's likely asking too much for sound without adding a trailer of some form.
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