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Guys, say a lil prayer, OT/NT

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My friend Kim is having laproscopic surgery today. She has a (non-cancerous) cyst the size of a baseball on her ovary. The doctor warned her that he may have to take everything (hysterectomy)... She's really afraid of that happening.

I'm taking quite a bit of heat from her family because I'm scheduled to work this morning, and can't get off (there IS simply NOBODY else to take the shift, and we really NEED the money anyway). Kim goes in at 7:30, surgery is 10ish, and I'm stuck there until 2..... This ain't gonna be a very fun day.
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Hope all goes well, both are in the prayers.
Glad to hear that all went as well as can be expected. The desire to eat is a good thing I would think, will keep you both in our prayers.
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