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I am a simple man:
I dont plan or follow my dreams....i chase them..work and make them happen, but as always: time is a .....
I have a long history with modeling (40 years +)in n (9mm) scale approx 800 meters of track, this virus went from father to son.

With comes to the part to what i am doing here.
I am a member of some other g scale forums too, for more specific subjects, like building my own tracks.
Now that is a success(track making incl all sorts of turnouts crossings slips 3 way ect), i would like to start, or at least get my feet wet in building my own live steam locomotives from scratch.
As a long time lurker here, i am following billy1906 posts with great interest, back til 2007.
I can handle a lathe, got a lot of tools, pretty handy and a uncle that owns a metal scrap yard.

My end goal would be a 1200 to 1700 meters of own made track and a lot of live steam in the garden in g scale.
I am not so interested in buildings or surrounding area.

Thanks for reading

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Welcome Igor,
I wish you luck in your venture.
Some like to build live steam from plans, while others 'do it their own way', while others do a little of both.
However you choose, if you're stuck, ask for help before giving up.
All the best,
David Leech, Delta, Canada
Happy 75th.
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