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I guess this is only steam related if you are interested in the new Aster S2 and rails it rode on, I also didn't know where else to post it :D

Sat May 31, 2008 10:26 pm (PDT)
GNRHS recently began making Goat back issues and reference sheets
available to non-members, at a higher price than members. They can be
ordered by mail or online - for details see

The GNRHS board and officers, like other historical societies, have
been thinking hard about how to "market" the Society beyond the
current membership base, both to grow membership and to increase
visibility and effectiveness in the larger community.

One way is to make the flagship publication more broadly available. In
addition to opening up back issue sales, the Goat is now available to
local hobby shops for retail sale. Each issue and associated reference
sheets are packaged together in a clear polybag, and the full-color
cover now displays suggested price and a summary of contents. A test
program at some Seattle and Portland shops was successful, and the
Goat is ready to distribute nationwide. Interested hobby shop owners
may contact GNRHS c/o Bill Sornsin via email: billso (AT)
gnventures.net, by mail at 5465 43rd Ave W., Seattle, WA 98199 or by
phone at 206.390.5428 for information and terms.

Of course, GNRHS continues to send representatives to various train
shows and events, an effective recruitment tool, and can always use
more volunteers there. The website continues to evolve, with some
design changes and expanded archives access in the works. Talks
continue with other historical societies about their experience with
advertising and other techniques.

--- Bill Sornsin, Seattle (GNRHS board)

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thanks for the post

As a NWesterner and a steamer, I have enjoyed being a member of GNRHS. As you say however, the whole GNRHS package can be a bit much, convention, details on recent equipment, etc. Having All the reference sheets is a bit esoteric, even for me. It is good that you are broadening your reach, an allowing more people to have focused info.

The reference sheets on the early Builder passenger car was most helpfu For the up coming S2 in 1:32 steam. But in some cases was incomplete information, as there was no diagram
on the layout of the "tourist cars"

jim overland
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