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This may be a questions that was already answered but I can not find it, I have a Bachmann set and was wondering what is the max grade one can get up, I have seen several photos of trains climbing 8" (or enough for a train to clear the bridge) in what looks like about 8', is this reasonable. What are the deciding factors? I am planning on pubbing from 4 to 6 cars? Any ideas?

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On the Swiss RhB, the Bernina line has a maximum grade of 7%, and you can really feel that the powerful electric locos are struggling. The maximum grade of the other RhB lines is 4.5%.

I've been on the MGB (Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn) between Brig and Zermatt. The grade on this line is as high as 11%, which requires a cogwheel drive loco. (The MGB was formed by the merger of the BVZ and FO.)
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