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The engine may be too large for the curved track that you are using. Are you sure you are using 5' diameter curves? LGB starter sets usually come with 4' diameter curves. Look on the back of your curved track and see if it is 1100 series or 1500 series. The 1100 is 4' diameter and the 1500 is 5'. In order to get the engine to run properly you will probably need larger diameter curves, 1600 (LGB) which is about 8' diameter.

It doesn't sound like it's a transformer problem. There is a thermal circuit breaker on most LGB transformers. If the transformer is overloaded it will cut out completely and only restart when it cools down to close the switch. That engine has two motors unlike the forney which has only one. You will over load a starter powerpack with a two motor engine. It may take a while to heat up, but it will.

Chuck N
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