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1) What type of turnout?

2) ALL the cars, or just selected ones?
If selected cars, what EXACTLY is the back-to-back on the wheelsets?

Step ONE is checking and correcting wheel gauge.
Often, the "fix" is not the point of the frog, but rather the guardrail.
If the wheels are fine, and the guardrail is not holding the wheels AWAY from the point of the frog, that happens.

Several fixes, plastic shim, brass shim inside the guardrail, or whack the guardrail out and install a new metal one, super-glued down, pin-vice drill the ties and push spikes in with super glue (or, add a piece of wood in the hollow under the ties and spike through to that).

Wheels 1.575", + or - about .010". Check gauge (wing rail of frog to guard rail) about 1.535".

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