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I just went through this with the very same layout ( 8' curve into a left switch), with a #6 USA switch. The point does not indent into the rail (bottom flange of the rail only) - the tip is very fine and if tight against the rail, no problem. However, I found that the switch solenoid was prone to let the point drift away from the rail slightly, especially when the actuator assembly was hot from the sun. Tweaking the action of the actuator spring (and painting the actuator covers aluminum) fixed the problem with the point not staying close to the rail, but it would still pick wheel sets. I found that if I VERY SLIGHTLY bent the tip toward the rail, then the problem disappeared. Did I say VERY SLIGHTLY? My thinking is now, when the flange hits the point, the point is at a very slight angle to the flange, causing the flange to press the point against the rail, rather than picking it. I've had to do this on the odd N gauge switch too.
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