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Going Link and Pin

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As I'm building some flat cars, I'm starting to think that
Link and Pin is the way to go. They look real, I would think they are fogiving inregards to vertical alignment, altot of it can be scratch built. This would be one locomotive and a set of cars. I saw some clever ways here for mating knuckle to link and pin. Has anyone else gone strictly L and P?
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If there was a way to convert the Accucraft Whitcomb loco from link & pin I'd do it.

This little loco and one Bachmann mine car are all the link and pins I use:
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Thanks Les.

I'm not exactly sure how the real ones were tipped. I always thought it was manpower. But the more I think about it, it seems that the Bachmann sized ore cars are too big and heavy to be tipped by manpower. And it looks to be dangerous work as well.

Most real tip tracks I've seen were covered and the cars dumped into bins/troughs under or to the side of the tracks. Much like this amazing kit by Garden Texture.

Some history about our tip track:

The mine was initially going to be the end of track, but when I started checking out the grade it was so high at the mine site and very low at the other end of the layout. I didn't want a 5% grade over the entire layout just to get up to the mine, but I still wanted a mine at one end. The tip track was a simple solution to the grade problem. I'm glad it turned out this way. Looks great and ended up separating the mine from the mainline, which seems more realistic.
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