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Going Link and Pin

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As I'm building some flat cars, I'm starting to think that
Link and Pin is the way to go. They look real, I would think they are fogiving inregards to vertical alignment, altot of it can be scratch built. This would be one locomotive and a set of cars. I saw some clever ways here for mating knuckle to link and pin. Has anyone else gone strictly L and P?
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Kenneth, I read about that very method of mounting a knuckle coupler on a forum somewhere, and I absolutely cannot remember where...maybe the Gn15 Gnatterbox? Also, I use link and pin couplers on my scratchbuilt shorty mining equipment that I run outdoors. My cars stay coupled! But switching, pulling the pins on a railroad that's less than 11" above grade...it's too much of a hassle. And lining up links and inserting pins is even worse!! They sure do look nice, though.
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