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The detail on these is amazing considering these are scratch built..
Quick question ,
where did you find the thicker Styrene sheets? and how did you cut them?
The thickest sheets were used on the sole plates and hood sides (1/8" thick styrene). The sole plates were reinforced with stiffeners on the underside. This material was available at my local hobby shop. I had to make an opening for the battery to reduce the height so as to clear the hood. Cutting this material is not really a problem. Typically score both sides and break off what's not required then file the edge. Last year someone gave me a shooting board which I've only used a couple of times, but it would have certainly helped with building these engines.
I ran them quite a few times this last summer and they performed really well, also did an MU set with a GP9 and this looked very good.
Thanks for your enquiry. Get building.
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