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GM Aerotrain in 1/29

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I saw Gary Mittner's picture of his GM Aerotrain that he scratch built in 1/29th scale. He posted the pix on the photo contest page. I wrote him about it and he directed me to his web site that has some pix of him bulding it. Also has a lot of PRR pix and K4's that many would find interesting.   http://www.angelfire.com/film/prrpics/AEROTRAINPROJECT.html
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I got a kick out of it. Guess Model Railroader is having an article on it now , or soon about the new Con Cor model of it, in like N or HO scale. Like to get a copy of the article, thinking about building one , just for grins. :) If anyone has/or gets it, let me know . Not sold anywhere around out here in the plains of Nebraska! Jerry
I think the Illinois train museum has a non-working prototype. One of the real ones is at the St Louis Trans Museum. Just type in aerotrain on a google search and lots of info about it pops up. Jerry
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