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Posted By ralphbrades on 03/25/2008 1:26 AM
I remember seeing pictures of it as a boy. I always wondered if the designer had read to many copies of "The Eagle" -as it's Dan Dare styling is straight out of the pages of it! What STILL puzzles me is the layout of the loco B0-A(?) I always assumed that the layout was B0-B0 and the rear bogie was obscurred in the photos...



I saw it as a boy :D   It ran  on the  comuter line from  Blue Island  to  La Sall street Station in chicago for a time.   If I remember right the big problem was turing it around.    The cars only had trucks at one end.  You couln't just uncouple and rung the engine to the other end and re couple.   You had to turn the whole consist asround in one piece.

I thought there was  one at  MUSEUM OF SICENCE AND INDUSTRY  next to the  U 505  SUBMARINE.

I thought it gave new meaing to the words   STREAMLINER.   To bad it was such a disaster.
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