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Global Warming?

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I'd like to know when I get to have some of this global warming, since they've been telling me about it my area has been below average on temps most of the time. Today it's so below average it looks like this:

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21 degrees here in Gunnison County as I type. Third freeze of the week. Joy.

If you are going to delete a post for political commentary be fair about it and delete all of them not just the ones pointing fun at the right wing. At least they used to have the common courtesy of telling you when a post was deleted. Now that's gone out the window too.

Whew!! Thanks for sending some of that cold air down to us here in south central PA!! Last two days have been nice, high 80s, low humidity. Almost perfect for a July day.

If you guys out there on the west coast would just get with the program, you too could have all the heat that global warming promises. Install some coal powered generation stations, but without the wet scrubbers and do your patriotic duty and buy cheap West Virginia and Kentucky Coal. Sure its high sulfur, but it is cheap and that's whats important, right? So buy your cheap coal, ship it by rail, because we like trains, then burn it as fast as you can!! Pretty soon, it will be warm enough! It works here in PA, where we have some of the dirtiest generation stations, and look at the record high temps we've been having! Haven't you guys in Washington been wanting to warm up the Columbia river to bath temperatures? Use that for cooling water, but don't chill it before you return it. It'll kill the fish, but who cares, they die anyway. Plus, it'll help the local fishing economy- for a while at least!

OK, I'm joking!! My offer of boxed heat still stands, but now with less ice on your delivery end!
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Around here in beautiful downtown Deer Park, WA, we have three seasons, July, August and Winter. We could use some of that "global warming."
Main cause of global warming is the ozone layer,so highest degrees of heat is noted in this summer.The main responsibility of global warming are people.


Duke Glasgow


There is no global warming, from 2001 to 2006 no change in temp, last year lost all the increase of the last century.. Headed for a cold spell..

there has to be a global warming.
if there were'nt, too many would loose lucrative jobs in the NGOs.
We are having a freezing cold summer here in Las Vegas. Went thru the entire month of June without going over 110F.

vr Bob
I'm gonna do like Professor Chaos this weekend, and spray some paint!! (did any of you guys watch that South Park episode?) I guess I'll have to find a youtube copy for yall this weekend.
I'm actually quite disappointed with this global warming. We haven't had a single ozone action day this summer so far and I always make it a point to barbecue steaks while watching my kid mow the lawn on those days.

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