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Global Warming?

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I'd like to know when I get to have some of this global warming, since they've been telling me about it my area has been below average on temps most of the time. Today it's so below average it looks like this:

Please note that lilac is in bloom. /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/shocked.gif
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Hey, wait Jack...isn't the Montana saying that "If you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes"? And...it's only June remember...your spring.
I'm just hoping that Summer falls on a weekend.
The problem with global warming is that no one knows its exact effects. Warming may affect one area of the country causing a cool down in another part of the country. Some scientists are saying that the ocean currents in the Atlantic ocean may be affected is such a way as to cause another ice age! Guess you packes away that snow shovel to soon!

If you like, I'll put some of this heat wave in a box and send it to you. Its 95+ degrees out there today. Be advised that 50% of the air in the box will be water by the time you open it...

I would like a little of the cooler weather your having ,the last 5 days it's been 93 to 98 and the humidity a little high . I'M GLAD I HAVE AN AIR Conditioner in the house BEN
If you don't beleive global warming is real, just watch the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" Dennis Quaid was right. The currents will stop, the ice age will be upon us in a matter of hours, the sky is falling, AAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!/DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/cry.gif

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That was a movie! its not real, just like global warming.
I was outside this weekend. The sky has fallen.
Yes, it has, and now it is congregating in the rivers and trying desparately to spread out into streets and basements. I spent a few hours last night at the streets department filling sandbags.

IF YOU EVER HEAR OF A CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS to do this sort of thing... DO IT! Wonderful fun to sit with strangers (and some were pretty strange!) and work for a common goal! Loved it. Will be there again tonight!
Still waiting for the summer weather. These are mid-afternoon observations for selected areas, including Cicely, Sourdough and Roslyn.

Roslyn: 50 / Cicely: 63 / Sleetmute: 57 / Cantwell: 55 / Chickaloon: 57 / Juneau: 55 / Sourdough: 63 / NYC: 91
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48 today's high, rained until noon.
Hard enough I needed wipers on the Jag.
Snowed a foot in the passes last night.

"algore spring" is what we call it around here.
Posted By Curmudgeon on 06/10/2008 6:51 PM

"algore spring" is what we call it around here.

"Allegorically" speaking, of course.

April and May were 3 degrees below normal. So far, June is 7 degrees below normal. A new low temperature record is set almost every day.

Not only did it snow in the passes today, as Curmudgeon reported, it also snowed in Spokane.
A new low temperature record is set almost every day.

any news, how that affects food production?
I'd vote for global warming!
"The Day After Tomorrow" was co-written by Art Bell, reknown conspiracy theorist and UFO believer along with the "black helicopters".:D
Ratsun, as a former resident of Montana, it became clear that there are two seasons in Montana. Six months of winter and six months of cold weather. Jake
See, I guess we're lucky here in Utah, we have four seasons...

Almost winter, winter, late winter and road repair.
Actually the world NEEDS what the subject line says, but I think it is misspelled!

I think it should be "Global Worming"... there are just way too many parasites around.
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