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Gear ratio in new Bachman Mallet

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Hi Guy's
I inquired over on the B-man board as to why they used a 14 to 1 gear ratio in th K, Bachman said he did not know but "he beleives the Mallet has a 28 to 1 ratio". This should make some of you happy.

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Believe what (and whom) you will but the K's gear ratio wasn't supposed to be 14:1! That was a screw up that has been "spun" to not be one. It's not surprising that the Mallet's ratio is 28:1 as that is exactly in line with where it should be.
any chance we could get replacement gears from the articulated and replace the K's gears with them?

No. Barry has had my gearbox for a while, and with the shaft spacing, going to be tight to get to even 20:1.

Having not made any public comments on an as-yet-to-be-delivered unit, all I will say is this:

IF the new one is 1:28 as claimed, it certainly drives a stake into the heart of Stanley's argument that 14.5:1 on the K was ideal.

I certainly enjoy Bachmann providing us with the ammunition we need.
Stanley wouldn't know an ideal gear ratio if he was caught in it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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