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Would someone please tell me what he difference is between ON30 and ON3?
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I'm also a big fan of "critters"--Plymouths, Porters, gas mechanicals, and the like--and they will provide the primary motive power on the small mining/logging pike I'm building now (Cohasset & Slippery Rock Mining Company Railroad). I'm waiting patiently for those Accucraft Plymouths to make it to market, and in the meantime am very happy with the Bachmann gas mechanicals and the many other Bachmann On30 locomotives and rolling stock items I've acquired in recent years.

The benchwork for my new layout is just about complete, aside from one section that is destined for future expansion, and I even put down some Atlas Code 83 track yesterday to use temporarily until I can get my hands on a bunch of Micro Engineering On30 track and switches. Couldn't get the trains running continuously though because I still need about 20 more sections of track to form a loop at one end of the layout.

I had initially planned to power the pike with an MRC ControlMaster 20, but was given Bachmann's E-Z Command DCC system last week so I'll be using that. It sure appears to be simple enough to set up and operate (according to the DVD that came with the outfit).

My favorite aspect of model railroading is scenery building, and I'm sure looking forward to getting things operational so I can get on with messing with some Hydrocal, Sculptamold, and all the other wonderful materials that are available for scenery construction.

Since my railroad is a freelanced line and not based on any specific prototype, On30 works particularly well because I don't have to get involved in any On3 vs. On30 dialog.  I'm just grateful that there is so much available in On30, and at such great prices.
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Sure have, old buddy! Love the wide assortment of "stuff" they offer and have their site bookmarked. But I gotta tell you, the item I would most like to get is their turntable. I'm pretty well up to my ears in motive power, but do need a nice (and small) turntable and some additional rolling stock. I still think my next motive power addition will be the Accucraft Plymouth, if and when it appears.
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