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The public home web page for the Houston Area Live Steamers (HALS) is http://www.hals.org/index.html.

The G Gauge track is available to members any time the gate is open. Of course, the gate is open on run day and midweek operating days.

The next "event" is on June 19 starting in the afternoon for the Lone Star Region 2008 Convention.

Generally, G Gauge Steamups piggy back Steamups for the ride on trains.

I expect there will be something over memorial day but do not see anything on the calander.

If you are not yet a member of HALS there is information on how to join on the web page.

Santa Fe, Texas

Right now the best time to run Gauge 1 at Zube Park (HALS) is on the third Saturday of the month. This is our public run day and it's open track on the gauge 1 loop. You might have plenty of onlookers. The first Saturday is also good as it is a work day for the club. Warning, you may have a shovel pushed in your hand. The access to the gauge 1 track is behind a park gate so visits have to be coordinated with a HALS activity. We are working to solve that problem! I would like to see Gauge 1 activity take place at anytime, but being on county park land, we have to work with them for gate control.

The Memorial Day run is a big event for the Houston Area Live Steamers with both BIG scalers as well as large scalers. It is an annual event, this being our 10th meeting. It lasts from the Thursday before to the Monday with most of the activity on Saturday. Anyone interested in large scale trains is invited.

If anyone is going to be in the Houston Area and is interested, give me or John Frank an email and we can arrange a session. I am at the park two or three times a week so am always glad to have guests.

dlcranston @ earthlink.net

Dennis Cranston
HALS Treasurer - Gauge 1 and BIG size railroader
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