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Garden Railways Magazine Stands strong.

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Ya Know after all the years of this magaizine its still nice to see it show up at the door.
Its nice to have a place you can direct folks to.
This isn't a kiss up because I contribute.
Its the fact that even with rock throwers and all the critics we still have a mag we can call ours.
I to have been disoppointed at times untill I get my focus right and additude ajusted.
Some only worry about getting their "moneys worth".

Do you ever get "your" moneys worth on anything??
Not having the mag is hard to imagine.

So I say thanks to all those who TRY and stick their necks out on the line to keep the magazine going..

Get on with making the Hobby grow.
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It is tough for a well established magazine to offer articles for newcomers because they have already published all the information for newcomers. If they repeat anything the longtime subscribers complain that they don't want to pay for repeated information. Yet, the newcomer is then stuck buying back issues to get the beginner information but doesn't know for sure if it will contain information that is applicable for today, and the advertisements are all old and of little value because the products advertised are either no longer being produced or the prices are way off due to inflation, thus reducing the value for the price paid for the issue.

The magazine is caught between a rock and a hard place... publish repeated beginner articles and alienate the established subscriber base or publish only NEW information that is sparse at best and have to fill the magazine with whatever the author base feels like submitting for publication. And that leaves just photo essays of larger and larger layouts... they have already published photo essays of small layouts because they were part of the earlier issues when people were just starting to build layouts and they were all small.

If GR were to pass by the wayside, a new magazine would start up to take its place (Hope Hope! /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/crying.gif ) and because it was NEW, it could get away with publishing the beginner stuff because there would be no subscriber base to alienate saying they don't want repeat issues. /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/satisfied.gif
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This was discussed (and cussed) some time ago and the suggestion to include one beginner article was met with vociferous objections. ("I ain't payin' for repeats! I'll drop my subscription if they start doin' that!") Wonder what will happen today.
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