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Getting our home built so maybe we can start playing with trains again!
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I know differently (that this is not directed at me as a contributor to the "other topic") but just so's it's said and out in the open.....A post I made earlier in that "other topic" stated that we were not renewing. Let me reiterate that this decision was made purely on a financial basis. In all honesty it was either MLS or Garden Railways. Since I can actually participate in an easier manner and on a daily basis MLS won out. Uet and in no way do we dislike nor do we have any issue with the magazinec content and articles. Other than maybe too much advertising but that does serve it's purpose, kinda a necessary evil.
As I said in the same post to K, I'll say it again. I always enjoy reading his articles but I will add that the same for the many other contributors efforts as well. In fact, Marty has a very good aritcle that I just skimmed through upon the arrival of our issue today.
Someday, maybe in the not to distant future we can once again pick up the subscription but for now and until we can get some things straightened out, it'll have to be part of the hobby that we are unable to enjoy. At the least we still have trains to run and that will have to work for us for now.

Oh yeah Mr Dimmer! I couldn't agree more with your email. Hehehe You had me ROTFLMAO
1 - 1 of 74 Posts
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