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Garden Railways Magazine Stands strong.

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Ya Know after all the years of this magaizine its still nice to see it show up at the door.
Its nice to have a place you can direct folks to.
This isn't a kiss up because I contribute.
Its the fact that even with rock throwers and all the critics we still have a mag we can call ours.
I to have been disoppointed at times untill I get my focus right and additude ajusted.
Some only worry about getting their "moneys worth".

Do you ever get "your" moneys worth on anything??
Not having the mag is hard to imagine.

So I say thanks to all those who TRY and stick their necks out on the line to keep the magazine going..

Get on with making the Hobby grow.
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Yes, the magazine is welcomed!
The difficultly, if there is one, is new subscribers from the ranks of those who have purchased starter sets for Christmas.
From the starter set group is where I started. I then saw an outdoor layout, heard the matra and the "It's OK to leave these toys outside" addage, and the how-to information.
I doubt this beginner population is growing. I don't thing the manufacturers are specifically targeting potential starter set owners or those who have them.

I see no complementary articles tucked into a starter set with the box indicating important information inside on how to enjoy large scale trains.
The only starter sets in two of the train stores I have recently been in are the older LGB Stainz sets with a price markdown or the words "collectible."

So the magazine will continue to be published until those who continue to subscribe stop doing so.

1 - 1 of 74 Posts
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