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Garden Railways Magazine Stands strong.

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Ya Know after all the years of this magaizine its still nice to see it show up at the door.
Its nice to have a place you can direct folks to.
This isn't a kiss up because I contribute.
Its the fact that even with rock throwers and all the critics we still have a mag we can call ours.
I to have been disoppointed at times untill I get my focus right and additude ajusted.
Some only worry about getting their "moneys worth".

Do you ever get "your" moneys worth on anything??
Not having the mag is hard to imagine.

So I say thanks to all those who TRY and stick their necks out on the line to keep the magazine going..

Get on with making the Hobby grow.
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A day without magazines is a glum one and I look forward to the postman delivering my GR, MR, Finescale, Gazette, and Scale Rails, not to mention various car, auto racing and photography mags. I keep the current issues in a basket on our kitchen snack bar, to be "devoured" while I'm eating lunch or enjoying a between-meal treat. Unfortunately, and because I save each one, my magazine friends are taking over our den/office. But what a treasure trove of information and enjoyment they provide.
So let's see, in the latest Garden Railways we have an excellent article by our own Marty Cozad, "Corporate Identity for Garden Railroads," a subject I have never had to guts to approach on MLS for fear of offending someone. Next, we Bruce Chandler's piece on "Making some working gladhands," which is about as anal as you can get about modeling (and I mean that in a positive way). Then we have Jack Verducci's latest missive--"Structures:creating a plan," which again is about as nuts-and boltsy as most guys whose posts I read want to get. And, need I add, that Verducci is among a handful a really great large-scale modelers who has built an incredible garden railway of his own, not to mention dozens of layouts for wealthy customers throughout the country. So tell me Mark, how can you look at this package and say, "The rest of the content is largely useless?"

Here's the deal, Mark, Garden Railways is a magazine for large-scale railroaders of every stripe, not just rivet counters like me, or whimsical modelers who enjoy seeing their own version of Thomas the Tank Engine go round & round beneath a waterfall (with gnomes) or a Christmas tree. They're in the hobby for fun, not to criticize everyone who doesn't measure up to expectations.

BTW, I think you owe Cozad an apology.
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Todd, the reason much of Garden Railways is written in the first person (BTW, no need to use quote marks here) is because that most of the stories are essentially how-to pieces, with the modeler/author (Kevin, Marty, Verducci, etc) recounting their experiences. It's subjective, not objective, as it is not really reporting. If you are refering to the use of the editorial "we," or "one," as opposed to "I," that went out with the Linotype.

As far as the old magazine versus print argument goes, I just spent several minutes printing several images posted by Richard Schmitt, because I wanted to save them in my model building file. The reporduction was crappy, compared to what you get in a magazine using quality paper (not GR or the one I write for) and after a while, all those paper copies tend to clutter up the old filing cabinet.
K, about making money from a website: I had a chat with one of our on-line guys and he told me that a certain automotive magazine (not the one I write for) stood to make $10 million off its site this year. The money is in the number of hits, which automobile manufacturers seem to equate with readership.
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