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Members of this group living in Southern and Central California are invited to another FREE model railroad layout tour sponsored by Model Railroads of Southern California the weekend of March 14 and 15. Three G scale layouts (see descriptions below) are featured on this tour and all of these are in Tehachapi, allowing you to enjoy garden railroading against a prototype backdrop.

This will be our sixteenth layout tour. This will be a self-guided tour of twenty-two layouts at eleven sites in Bakersfield, the Lake Isabella area and Tehachapi. By scale, there will be ten HO layouts, five N layouts, two O layouts, one Z layout, three G layouts and one live steam set-up. (See descriptions below).

Below is basic information about the tour. This information is sufficient for you to take the tour. Additional downloadable information, including driving references, two maps for every layout and an overall area map, is available in the Files Section of the group at:


Be sure to check the group website the day before the tour to see if any changes to the schedule or layout lineup have occurred.

Some of the layouts will be on display at the huge two-day Train Show at the Kern County Fairgrounds. In addition to the show there will be approximately 120 vendor tables plus manufacturer displays at this

Persons taking this tour assume all risks and liability for their personal safety. Although I am the Moderator of the group, I am not responsible for personal loss or injury to those taking this tour.

If you cannot make this tour, more tours are being planned, including a tour of South Orange County layouts in May.

If you wish to open your home layout for an upcoming tour, please contact me.

Bob Chaparro
Model Railroads of Southern California
Hemet, CA
[email protected]

Model Railroads of Southern California
Layout Tour No. 16
Saturday & Sunday March 14 & 15, 2009

These Layouts Are Open Only Saturday Evening, March 14

Golden Empire Historical & Modeling Society
7:00 pm to 10:00 pm HO& N
1534 19th Street, Bakersfield 661-325-2595
For club's downtown location enter through the alley door then take
stairs to the second and third floors for the HO and N scale layouts.
Parking is on the street. East/West streets are one way.

This club boasts two large layouts, one each in HO and N scale. The
HO layout, located on the 3rd floor, is approximately 30 feet in
width and 100 feet long. Two large yards are located at each end of
the layout, with several industries located in between. The layout is
currently a work-in-progress, but they are able to operate on it.
Several scenery projects are currently in progress on the layout.
Digitrax's Digital Command Control powers the layout, as on the N
scale layout.

The N scale layout is 18 feet wide and 80 feet long, and includes a
scaled-down version of the Tehachapi Loop. The club has extensive
scenery work in progress. Anyone who models in N scale is welcome to
bring their decoder-equipped locomotives and run them along the 15
scale miles of mainline from Bakersfield to Mojave. Club photos:

Larry Saslaw
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm HO
14700 Orchard Crest Avenue, Bakersfield 661-588-2770 and 661-706-

This HO scale layout is based on Southern Pacific's Dunsmuir engine
facilities and Shasta Division, circa 1954 (and last day of Southern
Pacific operations onSept 11, 1996). Larry has used plans of the
roundhouse, machine shops, mallet shed, sanding tower and station
from MAINLINE MODELER articles of the early 1980s. The layout is
built within the third stall of his garage and measures 12' x 21'

There concept is based on a climbing out of the Sacramento River from
lower Dunsmuir yard, through the engine facilities, up the canyon
past Shasta Springs, across Hotlum (Dry Canyon) up to a second level
to what could be the summit at Siskyou (Larry has used artistic
license to switch lines)up to a helix and down, or reverse loops on
top and bottom.

The layout climbs twice around the room, from the helix and Dunsmuir
yard and shops located on the center peninsula, around the room
twice, back onto the peninsula to the top of the helix. Larry's
intent is to portray the scenery and feeling of railroading in the
Shasta Route. He uses Digitrax Radio DCC and has a sample of SP
steam, Diesels, Shasta Daylight, Klamath, lumber trains of the 1954
era. He also can switch out the whole power and rolling stock to
portray the last days of the SP with the Coast Starlight. The layout
was on the SPH&TS Bakersfield Tour in September 2008.

These Home Layouts Are Open Only Sunday, March 15

John Bell
10:00 to 4:00 G Scale
19512 Sycamore Drive, Tehachapi 661-823-1308
Do not turn on to Sycamore Drive from Woodford-Tehachapi Road.
Segment is steep and unpaved. Use Pinion Canyon to Sage Ave. to
Sycamore Drive to reach this site.

John's garden layout has 1,050-feet of track in single loop, with an
80-foot siding, 10 bridges and 6 tunnels. Part of the run goes down a
mountain river canyon on a two percent grade.

John's pride-and-joy is his Union Pacific Big Boy, which you will be
able to view upon your visit – along with all his other locomotives –
from Southern Pacific to Rio Grande, and everything in between.
Most of the equipment is 1:29.

John's home overlooks the former Southern Pacific (now UP) "Cable
Siding" on the mainline just west of Tehachapi. John bought this
property because he is a rail buff, and has made improvements to his
property for just that – rail fanning! There is a viewing area where
you can see his train and the prototype in a perspective where they
both appear to be part of a real railroad scene.

John has picnic tables and folding chairs for rail fans to enjoy the
view from his location, so bring your cameras, relax, and enjoy the
view while enjoying the coffee that John provides. Here is a link to
some photos:


Richard Cantrell
12:00 to 4:00 HOn3
21661 Winesap Street, Tehachapi 661-822-0932

Richard models the Denver and Rio Grande Western in HO and HO narrow
gauge. Richard's layout contains some impressive scenery depicting
Colorado. The upper level is narrow gauge, while the lower level is
standard gauge. The layout measures 20' x 24'.

http://www.pcrnmra.org/daylight/newsletters/Q408.pdf (Page 2- Two

Ron Funk
10:00 to 4:00 HO
713 Piute Street, Bodfish (Lake Isabella Area) 760-417-0965 and
Park in the Piute Street cul-de-sac and walk up driveway to layout.

Ron has taken on the task of recreating the track plan of John
Allen's legendary Gorre and Daphetid Railroad and about 85 percent of
Ron's track plan is familiar to those that recall the G & D. Ron's
father, Al, started the work about 25 years ago, and after his death
the layout was completed by his son, Ron.

Ron's railroad is set in the 1940s to 1950s era, housed in a 20' x
40' building with the layout occupying most of the space. It
features high mountains, spectacular bridges and a large array of
scratch built and finely detailed buildings and scenes. Motive power
is an assortment of both steam and diesel from various western
railroads including Southern Pacific, Santa Fe, Union Pacific and
Western Pacific. The railroad is operated with Digitrax DCC power
with sound.

Vern Hill
10:00 to 4:00 O Scale
601 Sierra Vista Drive, Wofford Heights (Lake Isabella Area) 760-
376-3506 and 760-379-0568

This O-scale layout measures 13' x 21'. Track is mostly hand laid to
Proto 48 standards. The basic track plan is an over-and-under folded
dog bone with a hidden storage yard into the adjoining garage. All
track work, with the exception of an engine service area and
industrial spur, is complete along with about 85 percent of the

The layout represents generic Southern Pacific, circa 1955, with a
mix of steam and diesel. Most modelers are aware that SP had what
nearly amounted to an Eastern Sierra line from Klamath Falls, Oregon
to Mojave, including the SP narrow gauge from Keeler to Laws and
north over Mt. Montgomery Pass. In Vern's historical "imagineering",
he has standard gauged the line and the

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This is an update to the layout tour scheduled for the weekend of March 14 and 15 in the Bakersfield/Tehachapi (CA) area.

The garden layouts of John Bell, Rick Passalacqua and Dan Steinberg have been withdrawn from Tour #16 due to winter storm damage. All nineteen other layouts in Bakersfield (14), the Lake Isabella area (2) and Tehachapi (3) will be open. There has been no weather impact on these layouts or on the Train Show at the Kern County Fairgrounds in Bakersfield.

All three garden layout owners reported that last week’s storm and the current storm have caused roadbed displacement and water logged the grounds and walkways. They do not believe they can make repairs in time for the layout tour.

However, all three owners still would like to show their garden layouts on a future tour when conditions have improved. A future tour for these three layouts will be scheduled.

If you have questions about this tour or future tours, please contact me at:
[email protected]

Bob Chaparro
Model Railroads of Southern California
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