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Dear Mr OV - an excellent post, Sir, and well worth your effort - should be a sticky, IMO.

I KNOW it's mainly a British thing, but here are a good few on your side of the water who model British outline live steam and electrically-driven stuff. running on 45mm track [I'm ignoring, pro tem, the 32mm track stuff].

This scale is called 16mm, and has a linear ratio of 1/19th. Most Roundhouse live-steamers and the single electric loco are about this this scale, likewise an ever-increasing amount of rolling stock and locos from Accu-Craft - in both live steam AND electric propulsion.

The recently introduced Isle of Man stuff is around this scale, although some of it is actually 1/20.3.

Looks VERY fetching too.


'16mm - 5000 of us can't be wrong...'
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