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Forum Archives Removal

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While searching for some of the Wayne Spence car building posts I discovered that the archives appear to being reduced daily. Perhaps this was posted but if so it was something I missed. It appears that all posts older than approxmately 6 1/2 months are gone. Anyone wanting to save old posts should review the archives and save them themselves.

Ron Knepp
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Thanks for the quick response. When I do the following this is what happens in the following order.

Go to - Forum Archives

Go to - Masterclass and Archives

Shows - 4 pages of topics

Oldest listed is 12 Jun 2007

Go to - Show all topics

Shows - 47 pages of topics

Go to page 5 and get the following - ADoDB recordset error 800a0bcd

The same result happens when trying to open any of the remainder of pages.

Thanks for the help

Ron Knepp
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Thanks for the information Garrett and Steve,

Using the Archived Topic Icon I get to all areas except Figures and the Masterclass forums. As I am only approaching a third grade level in computer programing I will live with what I can get.

Thanks again,
Ron Knepp
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