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While searching for some of the Wayne Spence car building posts I discovered that the archives appear to being reduced daily. Perhaps this was posted but if so it was something I missed. It appears that all posts older than approxmately 6 1/2 months are gone. Anyone wanting to save old posts should review the archives and save them themselves.

Ron Knepp
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I just checked the old forum software and as far as I can see everything is still there, for example the oldest topic in the Model Making Forum is time stamped 30 Jun 2000 : 00:29:08.

Things that can throw you a curve when looking in the old software are...[*]When you access what has become the home page of the old MLS software (i.e. the old All-forums screen) where all of the forums are listed.

If you look to the far-right column in most but not all of the forums you'll find a Folder Icon with the capital letter 'A' on it

What this means is, on those forums that have the Archived Topics folder icon, there are in fact two levels of Archived Topics in the old software. On those forums that do not have the Archived Topics folder icon there's only one level[*]The first level; are the ones accessed by simply clicking the Forum Title label link (e.g. Model Making Forum).[*]The second level: are the ones you can access by clicking the Archived Topics icon.[/list]
[*]If you click the Forum Title label link (e.g. Model Making), when the forum screen displays depending on the setting of the Date Range Select field, which is located to the far right just above the Last Post column. You may see no topics listed at all or some variable number listed.

If you've used the Model Making forum as the example and have made sure to set the Date Range Select field to the Show all topics setting. You should see that you are on Page 1 of 110 available pages.

Topics ranging from...[*]The most recent; Cutting Up a Connie - Cont. with a reply by FH&PB dated 06 Feb 2008 21:10:23 on page 1.[*]To the oldest; I look for photos of the tenders of 2-8-0 Consolid with a reply by Skull Leader dated 11 May 2005 06:43:48 on page 110.[/list]
[*]If you click the Archived Topic icon
in the Model Making Forum, and after the forum screen displays, once again making sure the Date Range Select field is set to Show all topics. You should see that you are on Page 1 of 185 available pages.

Topics ranging from...[*]The most recent; Removing Decals & Pad Printing - New tool with a reply by BarrysBigTrains dated 10 May 2005 23:29:00 on page 1.[*]To the oldest; Decals with a reply by AlcoDiesel dated 07 Jul 2000 06:22:03 on page 185.[/list]
[*]The above fact, that there are two levels of archived topics also needs to be taken into consideration when using the Search screen in the old forum software.

Making sure that the Archived Posts check box is...[*]NOT CHECKED when you wish to search the first level of archived topics.[*]CHECKED when you wish to search the second level of archived topics.[/list][/list]
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Posted By ron736 on 06/06/2008 5:15 PM

«snip...» Go to page 5 and get the following - ADoDB recordset error 800a0bcd
The same result happens when trying to open any of the remainder of pages. «snip...»

It sounds like a problem that's local to your system. I've recreated your steps on my system and have encountered no problem.

If you are running MS/Windows and using the MS/Internet Explorer you might try closing the browser and then using the Control Panel and the Internet Options and delete all the temporary file and cookies. If using some other operating system and/or browser then perform the same functions.
Posted By Spule 4 on 06/07/2008 5:57 AM

«snip...» I "googled" ADoDB recordset error 800a0bcd, and while it appears to be a common error, the replies are all written in html code or similar. «snip...»
Garrett, Ron;

To cut through all the gibberish, all the error code is telling you, is that the record (i.e. topic) being requested has caused the pointer to move to one of the following.[*]The 'BOF' (Begining of File), before expected.[*]The 'EOF' (End of File), before expected.[*]To a record that no longer exists.[/list]Think of it this way...[*]You've got a four drawer file cabinet (i.e. the MLS archived forum topics).[*]The second drawer from the top represents the MasterClass & Articles forum.[*]You've opened the drawer and are looking at a folder (i.e. topic) mid-way between the front and back of the drawer.[*]You finish looking at the current folder and decide to move to another, but before you find the next folder you either...[*]Run into the back of the drawer (i.e. End of File (EOF)) or you...[*]Run into the front of the drawer (i.e. Begining of File (BOF)) or you...[*]Can't find any folder with the ID you're looking for anywhere in the drawer.[/list][*]As a result, in frustration instead of uttering some unacceptable expletive you scream, ADoDB recordset error 800a0bcd. /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/hehe.gif:D[/list]However, even though I've followed the same steps that Ron has described I do not encounter the same problem he has. Which is why I think that he has something stuck in his local Internet cache that is causing his problem.
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