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While searching for some of the Wayne Spence car building posts I discovered that the archives appear to being reduced daily. Perhaps this was posted but if so it was something I missed. It appears that all posts older than approxmately 6 1/2 months are gone. Anyone wanting to save old posts should review the archives and save them themselves.

Ron Knepp
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Posted By ron736 on 06/06/2008 5:15 PM

Thanks for the quick response. When I do the following this is what happens in the following order.
Go to - Forum Archives
Go to - Masterclass and Archives
Shows - 4 pages of topics
Oldest listed is 12 Jun 2007
Go to - Show all topics
Shows - 47 pages of topics
Go to page 5 and get the following - ADoDB recordset error 800a0bcd
The same result happens when trying to open any of the remainder of pages.
Thanks for the help
Ron Knepp


I just did this and got back to page 47 in January of 2002. Maybe a cookie problem or the like?
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Ron, you are not the only one. I "googled" ADoDB recordset error 800a0bcd, and while it appears to be a common error, the replies are all written in html code or similar.

For someone whose last code writing was in 1992 using Fortran-77 (my 70 year old father still keeps an ancient 486 computer a compiler) even I was lost :)

In my google search I was hoping to give you a simple time out or cookie error......no dice /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/sad.gif
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