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forney traction

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Our lgb forney is looseing traction and after looking at it it looks like i need a new set of the little rubber strips on the wheels. Being new to gscale and i purchased the engine on ebay could somebody tell me where i can get a set of these rubber strips. They look like rubber bands but i don,t think that is what they are. Thanks for any help/DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/hehe.gif
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First try cleaning and checking the sliders.
Lay a ruler across the two driver treads, there MUST be a gap between the slider and the ruler when the slider is pressed into the loco.
What usually happens is, dirt gets in the slider spring area. That holds the loco ever slightly off the rails, (not really enough for you to even see it, but all the weight of the loco ends up being held up by the slider instead of the wheels. The Forney usually has plenty of pulling power, even if the rubber tires are missing. If the tires are still there, replacing them won't help much. It might help a little, but not so much that you would notice, and any traction you gain by replacing traction tires that have not broken will quickly disappear as soon as they get a little dirty.

Clean the sliders out. You can sometimes just force a little track cleaning fluid into them and blow them out with compressed air. If they don't easily and freely compress when you press on them lightly, take off the bottom plate, remove the sliders and clean the area with a small paint brush, smoke fluid and compressed air. If the sliders are bent, straighten them or replace them.
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Thanks for letting us know what you are doing to solve the problem.

Keep us posted.

BTW. You will probably need to clean them again some day. I think every loco I have needed the sliders removed and cleaned about once a year.

The next time you clean them, DO NOT add the grease. I found that the grease actually traps dirt and causes the sliders to need more frequent cleaning. I put mine back in DRY.

Depending on the conditions on your railroad, the grease may or may not be the way to go. Light conductive oil from Bachmann, LGB track joiner grease, or NOTHING AT ALL are the three most popular choices, but you may have to experiment to find out which choice is best for you. Indoor railroads seem to like the light oil. Dusty outdoor railroads seem to like the dry method.
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