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Florida East Coast Railway question

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Does anyone know what color, or have a picture of a pre WWII FEC outside braced boxcar looks like?
I have a USA Trains outside braced boxcar I would like to repaint and reletter.

Pete Smith
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FEC used numerous paint schemes but the basic car was boxcar red I believe (are you aware of any experimental paint schemes in black or some other colour?). What paint scheme are you planning on - perhaps The Speedway to America's Playground scheme?

It will be a sharp looking car.

Regards ... Doug
If you've not come across it yet, I have a book about the Early days of the Florida East Coast Railway titled "Last Train to Paradise". Although it mainly documents the Key West railroad and it's demise, it does have a number of photos (but they're all black and white). I'll look for it and if there is anything of what you're looking for I'll let you know.
I recall that it was a fascinating read on the whole history of the FEC and Flagler's push to Key West.
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