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Actually there are quite a few out door layouts that are raised up above ground lefel for various reasons and the same reasons may apply to indoor layouts.

1. Unless you are young and your knees are in perfewct condition, getting up and down is a pain. The quality of your layout will suffer if your knees give out on you and it becomes a struggle to get up and down.
2. Having your layout raised to around thirty inches still gives a great view and also allows you to store items under the layout.
3. Having your layout built on a table or some type of support system will allow you to screw the track in place, run wires under the table etc.

Currently I have a temporary layour around the pool. It is setting on the pool deck. At 56 yrs old my knees and ankles give me fits everytime I have to get down to do anything with it. Thus, the layout isn't getting much attention.

When I am able to start my outside layout, I plan to have it 36 inches above ground level minimum.

Good luck
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