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John J...... Now sure what you have in your computer and the upgrades but I did what Dwight posted... I keep getting all kinds of weird things happing.
Didn't know what was the problem on getting more that one browser up. Also, my media (videos) on some would not play after upgrade to media 11 and had problem loading...
SP3 was auto uploaded a few months ago. and I guess that when things started to slow down and mess up..
Kind of like it keep building up problems as I didn't look for them to be a problem..

I went and un-installed SP3 upgrade for win.xp Like Dwight suggested and boy then all kinds of things happened again...

I couldn't get my screen size to back or the color bit more the 4 bit. Could not change the screen size in my computer tab.. keep going back to 4 bit after I tried to change it size.. Couldn't get to any programs do to I couldn't see them..

Findlay got disgusted and put in the Win xp CD and re-install the darn thing. It took 30 min. or more to run the Win xp, but it took out most of all the upgrades and my media back to media 9 .. I didn't lose any of my programs or photos I had on the hard drive.

BOY. I Fig . What did I do it now and computer was going bonkerrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssssss....

But I got the computer back to org. and didn't lose any thing and photo I had on the hard dr.
Now every thing runs great and media videos work now. computer is much fast now to..

So I dumped my restore files and got back almost 2 gigs of space back on my 10 gig hard dr. Now back to about 4 gigs of space. WoW. I know that not much of hard dr. space but I use a lot of Flash dr's for extra space.. being my computer can't count more that 30 gigs on motherboard. laf. So hard to find a 15 or 20 gig extra dr.for it now.

Try it John J.... It may be your SP3 messing you up... It sure did my Gateway 500.
And tks again for the advise Dwight on posting this.. And I can live with SP2.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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