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I was able to get out today and visit some of the layouts that are open for our Pre-Convention tours in Marin and Sonoma Counties. Today was most likely the only day I will be able to tour layouts as tomorrow we head to the Hyatt Regency to set up for Registration with the hopes of helping the first attendees at around 3pm. I plan on then being at the Hotel / Convention Center 24/7 so I can be on call all week to put out fires and meet & greet.

These are only a few of the layouts that were open and most will also be open tomorrow.
The crowds were larger than expected at 9:30 this morning up in Forestville:

One of two spectacular layouts at Don & Becky Herzog's... and they fed us too!

The other layout...

A nice idyllic farm scene on Ken Brody's layout.

The Spilsbury's layout runs the entire length of the backyard.

I've posted photos of the Rinefort's layout before. One of my favorite layouts and they will be open until 9:30 pm tonight to show off their lit structures. You can see more of my photos of their layout in the next issue of Garden railways Magazine...

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Thanks for the photos.. Nice layouts. .
Keep them coming.
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