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Okay, I did make a couple tunnel portals, but this is the first stab at rolling stock. It was a lot of fun.

It is somewhat loosely based on plans from Garden Railways, made from mostly poplar single 'boards' with mahogany framing.
The decals are from our Mr. Cedarleaf. Couldn't be happier with them.

The stove was a pencil sharpener that I drilled out and installed a grain of wheat bulb painted orange. I'm not sure

yet whether the gent warming his hands is going to get to keep his head. It is too big for his body, I think.
The lantern is a plastic bead, some carved wood bits and some strands of copper wire. I just realized I forgot to

make the hanging bracket for it. I'll have to get on that. The supporting timbers were drilled out for the wire to pass
through to the bottom of the car.

The chair is made from some bits of stripwood soaked in water to allow the bends.

The workshop details are mostly from Western Scale Models, except for the Sculpy anvil and some details from Ozark Miniatures, where I also got

the logging tools.

I bent the ladder rungs from brass rod, with Ozark NBW's. The flat hardware - straps, door guides, etc. - are

silver solder rods.

The roof is wet/dry sandpaper, the stove pipe is made from a drinking straw, and the handle is bent brass with drilled-out pop rivets for stanchions.

The trucks and most details Ozarks. The door hinges are from a doll house supplier. The strap hinges on the wood box are silver solder/brazing rods.

The cable seen hanging down (because I haven't secured it yet) under the frame is a power cable plugged into a tiny jack stolen from a cell phone

to provide power to the lights while it is on the display stand.

Anyway, hope I didn't bore you with all the pictures, I'm just glad I finally get to post something I made.

Thanks for your time,
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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