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FINALLY, I like my Legend

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What seems like years of fussing and cussing, I have my Legend to where it's a pleasure to run. At the beginning I rotated the poker part of the burner 180 degrees and made a fuel tank since I didn't have one. Of the many other mods were to make the suspension solid for better valve timing, install a Ruby oiler with restrictor cap, bore the cylinders to 9/16", remove the superheater and run a steam line through the boiler, and leave the cross head guides loose. The best thing I did was to install a fuel heating system at Diamond Head. I installed a Dave Bailey globe valve where the top of the sight glass use to be. I did have to re-tap the valve from 3/16 to 5X.05m since there's no room for the adapter.

To solve the difficulty in lighting the beast, I installed a smoke box door from a scrapped S12.
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Good to hear from you and your 4-4-0 Legend project modifications. Any running time and performance observations? As you know we have enjoyed our Legend....
which way did you rotate your poker burner: Upside down or front/end? Is the burner more efficient in your new configuration? The reason I ask is that my new project uses a Ruby burner in its standard configuration with the flame pointing downwards and I need more power.

I'd love to know about your "Ruby oiler with restrictor cap". Sounds like something I need.

It runs 35-40 minutes whennit runs out of fuel. About every 3 laps I about 10 pumps of water. At DH I had it pulling my flat car with 5 pieces of plate steel, didn't have the traction for 6 pieces.


Always point your burners down.


I used a regular Ruby oiler with the lines cut to fit. The cap had to be machined down to clear the roof. The restrictor part is 3 4-40 nuts and a screw in the bottom of the cap.
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