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Finally broke ground on the Kittatinny Mt RR

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The snow finally melted and the ground is thawed enough  to start digging.  In the last few days I was able to get all the grass up.  I though it was going to take forever but it actually came up very easy.  I started this post on the Garden RR forum site.  My next step is to get a load of top soil and build the area up a few inches and using large rock to hold it back.  Give it a more natrual look..  Below is a little about how I came up with my RR.
Well I started doing some research in coming up with a name for my RR.  I was going to model something after some of the local RR,s.  We had a few branches like the Sussex Branch and the Paulinskill.  It was all part of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western RR that ran through the mountains of northwest NJ.  I also was thinking about doing my own RR, because i figured it would be much easier.  While doing research I learned that there were parts of the sussex branch that were scouted out beyon the town of Branchville but never built.  It got me thinking.  Why not finish that stretch of RR from Branchville north but have a new branch name, Kittatinny Mountain RR.  Since the line would have gone over the Kittatinny mountains through an area called Culvers Gap and along the flatbrook, I thought perfect since  I wanted to put a mounatin in my layout with the track going through a gap in the mountain and along a creek. 
Thanks to alterain he came up with a great nickname for my RR "the tin kitty"  Sorry for the large pictures, This and the large scale central sites are the only ones that do this./DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/crying.gif


Here is a rough draft of my layout.  It is not to scale and will probably change some as I lay track down
This is a picture of part of the area I plan on doing my RR.  The red cart worked out great.  I put the clumps of grass into it ans then knocked all the dirt off the grass.  The soil fell through the screening on the bottom of the cart.  A good way to conserve soil rather than wast it.
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