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Yes guys, I understand the difference. I was purely showing the difference in size. Just like you could between G or O, or G and HO, etc. Another awesome part of the hobby that makes it fun, is that people can do whatever they want and just have fun with their equipment. But ‘sadly’, there’s always the proto-police who chime in.
Hi there, great looking locomotive! I have one as well and enjoy watching them pull.

Just a friendly comment with an attempt to help; the folks above were reacting to the gauge comment "I know they are different gauges, but it really makes a GP38 look small!".

If you had adjusted it to say "I know they are different scales, but it really makes a GP38 look small!" then I don't think you would have seen the comments above.

Gauge is the space between the rails (e.g. 45MM)

Scale is as noted above the 1.20.3 vs 1:29

Because the K27 and the GP38 run on the same rail they are the same gauge but the GP38 is a scale of 1:29 while the K27 is a scale of 1.20.3 which means the K27 is much larger. The reason that the K27 is a different scale is because that prototype engine is a Narrow Gauge locomotive; aka the tracks are closer together on the prototype vs a prototype diesel like the GP38. To achieve the same look as the prototype, a K27 running on Gauge 1 track is much larger.

Hope this helps clarify terms, not trying to be a proto-police
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