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matt, i use a brick cover with Styrene plastic to make a water tank. and bottom flat plate Styrene plastic to help keep from sliding inside the gondola plow. i believe brick weight like 2-3 pound help keep the weight to stay on the track.


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Hmmm. I filled my Aristo plow with gravel to simulate loose stone ballast (car and ballast weigh 5.5 lbs) but it derails on 4’ rad curves due to the side thrust of the wet snow that seems to predominate around here (it’s all that hot air coming out of the Capitol) against the plow blade.

I did successfully plow 6” of heavy, wet snow one time on a straight track using FIVE locomotives. Until the first curve. That’s when I picked up all my toys and went back inside to sit by the fire with a Hot Toddy.

I wish I knew how to add photos to a posting. I’ve got some great pictures of plow ops when the snow was powdery, or not too deep. See http://alfrr.com/ for a scene of plowing an inch and a half of heavy snow.


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