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Feedback sought - test to see if LSOL / Aristo pictures can be seen here

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Picture Test:

As a test, Dwight Ennis suggested I try posting a picture that is suspected of being limited to viewers of LSOL or Aristo-Craft. Having tried something similar in the past, I suspect it is limited - and if viewable, probably so because of coincidental reasons of a viewers membership / logon to either LSOL or Aristo.

Can the following picture I am attempting to post be seen or not seen?

It is a close up view of Aristo's UP E8 and SP E9 passenger locos' side view nose compare with installed couplers. (The picture shows the UP E8 loco type loco version having the "door assembly" removed with factory supplied coupler necessitating its uncoupler lever be modified in order to mount it. The SP E9 having the "freight pilot" did not require this modification.)

Thanks for any feedback,

Well, as I thought, it is not! Need not go any further.
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Dwight, I could not stop from laughing - Lysol!!!
But given I have not spent any dollars, I did not lose anything.

Posted By Mike Reilley on 10/11/2008 10:13 AM
Of interest, it's actually blocked from display only (here). If you click on the yellow/red citation, you can get the correct photo properties and copy/paste them into your browser and SEE the photo you posted.

Copy this into a new browser incidence and you can see the photo.


Thanks Mike,

I noticed the url is accessible, too, but it makes for an unfriendly use by most folks.

Maybe the software used by LSOL looks for the image tags included with its web page identity in the url string and accordingly re-directs to the "Lysol" picture.
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I just notice the picture now shows up in my first post - maybe because I am left logged into the LSOL Aristo picture Forum site!
Probably will time out.

I find the WYSIWYG access to be inconsistent with Firefox.
For now, as I type this in Firefox - real time typing works, but cut and paste still does not work.

Also, memories are coming back to me as the WYSIWYG editor used in the TWIKI where I work.

I always had to fool with it to deal with spacing and line feeds / CRs by going back and forth between the HTML and normal modes.

In fact, using this MLS WYSIWYG does the same thing, even when using IE

When I used the IE browser and got the cut and paste to work and tried to correct for too much space between sentences or paragraphs the darn thing changed the font size of some of the words.
Bizarre indeed and royal pain in the ass.

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