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Just a comment on grades. I am always amazed at the results of one estimating the grade of track by just looking at it. It seems to me the eyeball, regardless of the environment the track is in will almost always underestimate the grade. i.e. you look at it and say "That looks like about a 3-4% grade. And then upon measurement, you find it to be 13%! I am a big fan of measuring grades, and there are now a lot of neat tools to let us do just that. I use a plumbers level, marked in 1/8" per foot increments, that equals approximately 1% grade per increment. Not real high tech, but cheap and easy to use.

The reason I bring this up is, I was out in the development lab (my garage) running some controlled tests on my Critter Controls. It has always been obvious to me by the way the locos run that there is a slight grade as my loop of track transitions across a seam in the concrete, as one would expect on a garage floor that needs to have some water runoff capability. I was just surprised when I measured 3%. It certainly looked flat!
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