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"Extreme Trains"

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A new series, "Extreme Trains" begins next Tuesday eveing on the Discovery Channel.

I found it on the listings for Discovery high-def, and assume it's also on the standard-def channel.
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I've watched both episodes so far, I agree the "host" is a little too "outgoing" for me but most of the train shots are decent. I looked forward to last nites show as I 've railfanned most of that territory from LA to Fort Worth/Dallas. Had hoped the program would show a lot more of Arizona including Kingman, Williams and Flagstaff. Anyway, the program sure beats a movie about trucks, etc.

First of all, nowhere did I suggest that anyone should withhold expressing their opinion on the program, favorable or unfavorable.

After taking your comment into consideration, I made a point of going to the said forum (i.e. http://boards.history.com/category/Extreme-Trains/520000014) and as of about 5 min. ago there were a total of 148 posts listed. Now I didn't bother to peruse all of them, but even if every single one were to have expressed a unfavorable response, if those were added to the less than 80 responses here (we're currently still on page four). I wonder just what the percentage of replies to estimated viewers that works out to.

And I still think it would be fun to watch what people would come up with.
Posted By Fred on 11/19/2008 12:33 PM
I've watched both episodes so far, I agree the "host" is a little too "outgoing" for me but most of the train shots are decent. I looked forward to last nites show as I 've railfanned most of that territory from LA to Fort Worth/Dallas. Had hoped the program would show a lot more of Arizona including Kingman, Williams and Flagstaff. Anyway, the program sure beats a movie about trucks, etc.

There is a Video of a "CAB RIDE" from Kingman to Di Oblo Canyon. Or it might be Needles to Di Oblo canyon.

It is interesting.

I slept through it three times.
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Posted By aceinspp on 11/19/2008 6:05 AM
Well good old comcast playing there games and was not on my channel in the bed room witch I had upgraded to get it.
Later RJD

Speaking of Comcrap, Did not their advertisements of recent months tout how their customers would be able to basically ignore the upcomming February 19, 2009 deadline to switch over to digital, because if you are hooked up with cable to Comcrap you would automatically receive the digital signal. A couple of weeks ago my bedroom television stopped receiving a few channels. I called Comcrap and spoke to one of their scripted agents, and was told that I need to buy a box converter for each television that did not already have a digital box hookup.

I hate cable television. I remember petitions circulating in the very early '70s in movie theaters against "pay TV". Not enough people signed them I suppose.
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Posted By Mike Reilley on 11/18/2008 6:15 PM
This is simple. It's about trains. How can that be bad? Would you rather it hadn't been produced? Yep...warts everywhere. Still...at least it's about trains...and all these kind of shows...Tougher in Alaska, Ice Road Truckers, Ax Men, etc. seem to have a different production beat that our old favorite standards...Mega Movers, Mega Disasters, Modern Marvels...and that production beat seems to revolve around a controversial host..or cast.

Like I said...better than nothing...and TV flat sucks these days.

Mike, I totally agree, TV does Suck. And I am grateful for any show about trains. But I still don't like the camerawork.

We got along just fine before cable with the three networks, UHF channels, and public television.
In last nights epasode, I did learn something I find interesting and have long wondered about. The "CONNELLY JOINT" on the lift bridge. I never had a chance to view one close up and see how it worked.
I just watched the show for the first time today. I recorded the Tues episode and caught up with it. I have to say that seeing a show about trains was nice. Yet as some have already stated it was unimpressive.

I have to agree with Dan on so many fronts it's scarry. (especially the Comcrap thing since basic cable, which we have just went from 29.99 here , and not on a promo, to 54.00 a monthand the DVRs' went from 10.00 to 15.50 per month

Anyhow the show is over the top, hyperactive with camera work that gives you nausea with the angles, close-ups and the over use of the zoom/pan.

I will watch again since we have it on weekly new episode record, but thank goodness I can fast forward through the crap and I don't just nmean the commercials.
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I watched the third expisode last night. It was a trip on the Acela from Washington to Boston. I think I would have enjoyed it I had turned the sound off!

For me, the worst part was when the engineer explained dynamic braking to the "host", after which the "host" attempted to repeat it back to the engineer. Unfortunately, my dog has a better understanding of dynamic braking.

Next episode will be watched with the sound off.
RE: "Extreme Trains"

Lost me when he described the electric Acela as having a 6000 HP Engine!
Oh No!
I missed it last night
Are they re running any other night of the week?

I forgot to set my DVD recorder.
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Me too John. I totally forgot about it.
I must have been doing something important, if only I could remember waht it was.
The one episode I was looking forward to since in the previews it was going to be about steam locos.
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RE: "Extreme Trains"

Well I finally watched an episode today (recorded on Tivo). The whole time I kept wondering if the guy that host the show is slightly handicap (mental). Cool trains though.
The host reminds me of Billy Maze. He's the lout mouth pitchman that is on commercials all of the time.

As for the show, it's OK but not great. There is a lot of mis-information but the average person wouldn't know the difference.

Now, let's talk about Comcast. YUK! They are forcing everyone to go to digital cable. I was happy without an additional box on my TV. Since They forced me to go to a box, I got one from DishNetwork. I get a dual DVR and 200 channels. I am very happy with it.
RE: "Extreme Trains"

I would like to purchase some of the items that Billy boy advertises but until he is no longer the advertiser, I WON'T! I refuse to spend my money on any advertiser that shouts at me or is obnoxious or portrays their customers as idiots, clods or perverse fools.

I don't have cable or satellite TV, but I do now have a Digital Broadcast TV Converter box. And I must say that I MUCH prefer Analog TV!

I used to use a small rabbet ear antenna on the top of the TV, now I have a full Digital Antenna, up high, pointed in the direction of the majority of the TV transmitter antennas just to get marginal digital signals that used to be quite clear in analog on Rabbet Ears in my living room.

Digital may have more channels, but the loss of signal so often during shows means that I actually have LESS TV to actually "see". Atmospheric disturbances of Analog TV used to cause a bit of snow or ghosting or maybe some static in the sound, but with Digital TV, any atmospheric disturbances means the complete loss of image for up to 2 or 3 seconds or weird pixelation where things get grotesque for 2 or 3 seconds, and the sound can cut out so often that I can hear only 1 out of 4 or 5 words.

It is my understanding that when the cut over occurs February 17th, most stations will cut their broadcast power which will just exacerbate the problems.

Of all the shows I have watched that are supposed to answer questions about Digital TV I have never heard an answer to the most important question I can think of...

"WHO do we, the viewers of broadcast television, get to tar and feather for foisting this Digital TV abomination upon us?!"

And, yes, I have called in to ask that question but they did not air the question nor answer it.

Oops, have I deviated from the subject? Sorry
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RE: "Extreme Trains"

I watched the Acela program today, first I had seen. I liked it fine, maybe he gets a little excited but it's better than many train programs with a narrator that will put you to sleep.
RE: "Extreme Trains"

I caught the program about the Acela. I agree that it is great to have another train show to watch, but I was appalled at the production quality and how superficially they dealt with the material. It is clear the script writers and producers don't know a lot about trains.
RE: "Extreme Trains"

So I caught last nights episode..
"this one has potential" I thought..taking a refrigerated produce train all the way across the country!
from Washington State to Schenectady, NY...practically coast-to-coast.
and hey, it will run right through my backyard! I live 2 minutes away from the New York Central mainline (now CSX) in Rochester, NY.
this train will run through "my territory"..maybe they will show some scenes of Chicago, Ohio, Buffalo..maybe near Rochester, maybe rolling along the Erie Canal
in central NY, very scenic.."lots of interesting possibilities with this episode!" I naively thought..I should know better by now! :)

So the show runs one hour..10pm to 11pm.

10:05 PM - Here we are loading up the train in Washington state.

10:10 PM - now we are in Oregon.

10:15 PM - Now we are in Idaho.

Quick detour to Steamtown in Scranton, PA..
I can only assume the planning/writing meetings for the show went something like this:

"Ok, we sent our host guy and the camera crew all the way to Scranton, what should we film?
We have a 2-second clip of an operating steam engine to open the segment..what else should we film while we are here?"

"How about a panoramic shot of the beautifully restored Roundhouse and turntable?"

"nah..not that.."

"How about the Big Boy? Largest steam locomotive in the world!"

"no..thats not very interesting"

"How about more shots of operating steam engines? there sure are a lot of them here"

"no..not that...Since we are here at one of the largest Railroad museums in the WORLD,
we need to find the most boring and monotonous thing here, and film that...
hey I know! lets put our guy inside a firebox, and show him handing out some bricks from it?"

"great idea boss! you are a genious! What should we have him say while he is in there?"

"Have him say something about how steam engines work..maybe have him say "Here is how steam locomotives work, you have some fire, then steam"..
thats good enough..he doesnt have to mention anything about the boiler actually being filled with WATER! thats too much detail..
dont mention cylinders, pistons, expanding steam, main rods, driving wheels..thats all too complicated..just have him say "fire and steam"..
oh..and while he is inside the firebox, he doesnt need to talk about the FUEL that goes in there, right where he is sitting..
dont mention wood or coal..no need to talk about the Fireman and his shovel..just focus on the BRICKS!
those bricks are really interesting...when people see a TV show about steam engines, they want to know all about BRICKS in the firebox!
yeah..thats good stuff!"

10:25PM - here we are back on the train..still in Idaho.

10:35PM - here we are rolling through Idaho..

Now we need a short segmant that is "rad" and "awesome" and "extreme!"
something the 12-year old kids will think is "cool" and "neat-o"..
Lets show a boxcar being scrapped..


10:40PM - back at the train..check it out..we are in Idaho.

10:50PM - Very interesting shots of the train rolling through Idaho..

At this point, im actually thinking "wow..is this going to a 2-part episode? are they going to continue the journey next week?"

10:55PM - The train is now in Idaho..We love Idaho! its very interesting here.

10:59PM - Here we are inside the warehouse in Schenectady, NY, end of the line. We had a great trip through Idaho..see you next time!

Man..this show just can not suck enough.. /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/sad.gif

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RE: "Extreme Trains"

I falled asleep last night. It's on rather late for us little'uns.
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