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"Extreme Trains"

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A new series, "Extreme Trains" begins next Tuesday eveing on the Discovery Channel.

I found it on the listings for Discovery high-def, and assume it's also on the standard-def channel.
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RE: "Extreme Trains"

I was sent two episodes of this series in a press kit (N&W coal train and BNSF intermodal). Frankly, I was disappointed, as were several of my office colleagues. I'll be interested in reading what others think of this "Extreme" series.
A true train "JUNKIE" will drool when anything involving trains is shown on TV.

No matter how bad the content.

Noe to self: Stop at Wall Mart. Pick up case of napkins.
RE: "Extreme Trains"

Perhaps, John, but I think you would be hard-pressed to find a more devoted "train junkie" than me and I wasn't impressed. I like trains in all scales ranging from Z through prototype, and regardless of where in the world they operate. I also have a collection of 100 or more train videos and DVDs, but this series is one I won't likely be adding to that collection (already gave away the two episodes I received). But what is more important to me is how others will react to this program series once it airs. Should be interesting!
Most shows I have seen on TV about trains don't hold my interest for too long. Probably due to the fact that I inhaled as much information on the hobby as I could in the first ten years or so that I was in it. The subject matter seems to be geared toward the layman. What would interest me now would be boring for a general audience. I the most interesting videos on youtube. Most likely due to the fact that they are filmed by hobbiests.
RE: "Extreme Trains"

With a title like "Extreme Trains", you'd think they would have some cool stuff like Big Boys and other large locos, as well as some of the modern stuff.
I see that Extreme Trains is airing on the History channel tonight at 10:00 PM here in southeastern Pa. I am looking forward to watching what we have all been critisizing.
RE: "Extreme Trains"


Dynamic brakes work by feeding back into the prime mover?

This guy looks like he works on "Pimp my Ride"!

This is a JOKE, right?

They heat new rail so it will not expand in hot weather?
Stress relieving, yeah, but geez.

4-1/2 minutes to change out a freightcar wheelset, and he says NASCAR could learn something?
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Very disappointing.

Goofy guy they have hosting the show is modeled after the goofy gardener and the goofy re-modeler on HGTV.

RE: "Extreme Trains"

I'm glad I didn't bother. I had a feeling with the title that it wouldn't amount to much. I did watch the Modern Marvels about the "Bullet trains;" that wasn't too bad.
The host is obnoxious. I hope they don't use him for the other shows. Other than that - and a few exaggerations and errors - I didn't mind watching. I liked the inside-the-cab views.
RE: "Extreme Trains"

Goofy guy they have hosting the show

Come on guys, lighten up. At least they have a program about railroads with a host that you can feel superior to! Those shots on the horseshoe curve were pretty neat.
At least it's a train show but the host reminds me of Billy Mays,that obnoxious guy that advertises Orange Glow and other stuff on TV. That constant high energy screeching voice.
RE: "Extreme Trains"

You didn't see the graph?
Here the guy is saying "centripital force", and I'll be go-to-heck, if it isn't spelled excatly like that on the graph.

This reminds me of a 9th grade class video project.
RE: "Extreme Trains"

I'll ditto most of the above comments about the host. Sadly, I'm guessing they were trying to gear the show a bit more to a younger audience, more on the action and less on details and specifics. I'll give it a C .

Posted By altterrain on 11/12/2008 9:16 AM
I'll give it a C .


add the "rap" and it's about right.
RE: "Extreme Trains"

I just got tired of them repeating every 10 mins for those who just tuned in. over all I plan to watch the rest. don't think I would buy the tpaes tho.
Like I said,at least it's a train show.
RE: "Extreme Trains"

History Channel had another show I recorded and watched...

Modern Marvels: History of the Locomotive....

It was pretty good... they went for a ride along at Strasburg...
They let the engineer talk about how he controls the train etc as they were riding...and showed the controls...
They talked to the fireman about what his job was, and how he keeps the steam presuure up.... they did a little tech on how a steam train works...
they went to the shops...showed the inside of the firebox and boiler on a loco they were refurbing... showed them changing a tire...

Thren they went into Diesel Electrics... and they went to EMD and showed them making a locomotive from bottom to top... that was cool...

Then they went to the CSX Maintenenace facilities and they showed them getting some locos ready to go...
Fuel, sand, anti friction for the flanges, wash etc...

They they went to the test facility and showed how they check for cracked wheels etc... showed them crash testing a few trains...
showed some newer locos with Anti Climbers on them...

they showed the locos at the Panama canal... that was neat...

then they hit the TGV in france... showed its world record speed run...

Then they did a small bit on Mag Lev trains at the end...

I think the best train show I've seen on TV in quite some time...

Not too much to turn regular folks off... and enough to kep my attention.... my 6 year old son liked it too...

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I think the use of "centripetal" is OK here.

Definitions: Centripetal force is the external force required to make a body follow a curved path, whereas centrifugal force is an outward force associated with rotation.
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