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I have been working on an extension to my train shed so I don't have to carry out cars two at a time and place them on the tracks. It is about 15' 4" long and will be 4 tracks wide. This will give me about 20' or so of yard length. I hinged the roof so it can be lifted up for access to the trains. I need to get sheeting for the roof yet and some rolled roofing. I have siding to match the 8'x8' storage shed. I plan on using 1x4 pine stock [cut down to rail height and striped] for 3 of the tracks and Aristo 5' for the other. Does pine work ok for this or is a better wood needed?
I also built a bridge from layout to shed [plank] for access. Here are a few progress pictures.


more work ahead! I'm on vacation this week so should make progress.
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Thanks for the complements Don, Dave and JJ. Hey JJ, That could be a good idea to use a counter balance. Thanks for your suggestion.
That is a good looking shed. But I think Marty is right, it will be full before you know it. Mine is very similar to your design, 4 X 16 ft and I almost filled it up with the train cars I had. It is really nice to just roll out a line of cars and get running. No more carrying, bending over, and all. You will love it.
Thanks for your post on the Aristo 2-8-8-2 about the poly fuses shuting down. I went out this morning and tried out my Mallet and it is working GREAT!!! All this helpful information on this site is great. YOU MADE MY DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Paul,
I know it's going to be a lot more handy for running trains and I will still have the shelving in my main shed for more train stuff after I fill the yard.

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Posted By leonpete on 08/22/2008 10:34 AM


Oh my... how I love seeing that Orange and White... :D
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Hey Dave F,
I painted the building and my 8x8 shed " Fired Steel " and made 3 roof vents out of scrap 4x4. I still haven't got the rolled roofing yet. It is on order. Put up 8 more ft. of wood fence and spread 3/8ths in rock chip around the building. I need more dirt and weed barrier to finish the north side. I am thinking about building the lean-to on the north side like the shop in Paducah, KY. I already have enough left over material to do that. I might make it to store a small logging train of 4 cars, boxcar, and 0-4-0 engine. I have some small radius track, so I think I will build a small layout beside this building for the grandkids to play with when they visit. Had great weather this past week so worked most every day outside.

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That looks GREAT!.. Nice job Leon....

(snif... I'm so proud...sniff)
Very nice job! Noticed you added fence to.

Ole Toad
Finally got a chance to work on the yard tracks in my train shed. I used all my 5' track so will finish using wood strips for the rest of the yard tracks. Still have to get some on/off toggels so I can select which track I want to use. I have a common rail so I installed jumper wires on the bottom of the track using the little screws on the bottom of the track for now. Still haven't got my rolled roofing yet so I can finish the roof. Supposed to be in the 3rd of August.

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I got the rest of the wood track in place and put most of my trains in the yard. Track 1 on the right holds all 12 of my hopper cars and one engine. Track 2 holds most of my mixed freight train and track 3 holds the balance of my mixed freight train. Track 4 [on the left] holds my passenger train. Tried it all out this evening and it's so nice. We'll be running more often now with this convenience. Here are a few pictures.

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Leon, that's looking great.. nice job..

Good to see pics of ICG #2270 as well.

#2269 was involved in a derailment today.. Just dropped a hopper, that's all.
Gotta love our Paducah Jeeps..
I would have put about a 1 foot staight track after the switch then made all the rest wood rails. At the price of track I would not tie some up in the storage yard.

Is that a Grain Elavator I see in one of the Pic's Did you make that or is it ready made?
Thanks Dave,
I'd like to pick up another IC jeep some time and convert them to battery power with airwire and sound. We can wish anyway. Some day tho. I think my rolled roofing came in so will have to make a trip to Sioux City this week to pick it up.
I can still rob some of the track in the yard if I need it. The one track on the left that is the longest aristo track I wanted so I can pull a train in engine first. All my engines are track powered except my Mallet. Want to convert more to batter power tho some time.
Yes, that is a grain elevator building and was my first building I purchased when I got into G-scale. I bought it at a train show In Boone, IA. It was hand made by someone there. Made out of plywood and covered with corrugated pop and beer cans. Think I gave $75 for it. Not a bad price for all the work in it.
I also like your bent steel forms you made to pour your roadbed. Bet that works pretty slick.
I put a gate in along fence so I can access the new shed. I also got the yard tracks wired to some on/off switches for controlling the power. Finally got the roled roofing and put that on today. Pretty much done out side of attaching the roof vents and adding a lean to on the north side for another small train.

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Man, that turned out just fantastic. Looks great with the roofing material.

Now I gotta get busy and run through my shed so I can have some stuff staged as well. Nice job, very inspiring.
Oh yes, the roof now weights in at 164 lbs. I can still lift it but would be easier with 2 people.
Posted By leonpete on 09/06/2008 9:30 PM
Oh yes, the roof now weights in at 164 lbs. I can still lift it but would be easier with 2 people.

You went this far and it is very nice staging area so why not automate the roof or counter weight it? Old homes had counter weights on windows and I see some places still sell the old ones. Just my 3cents /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/satisfied.gif
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Very, Very NICE, Leon. What a great job. It fits wonderfully into the whole house and railroad. Congratulations..... :):):)/DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/tongue2.gif
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